Take your cloud experience to the next level with user-defined turnkey microservice environment.

Save time and reduce management costs

Next-generation, container-based cloud platform with certified runtimes for Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET, NodeJS, Go, Docker, Kubernetes, and Wordpress.

Speed up development
Reduce cost & complexity
Improve uptime & security

Language agnostic

Provision out-of-the-box Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET, NodeJS an Go production or dev environments.


Zero code change

Deploy traditional applications or cloud-native microservices with no code change and zero application redesign.


Ease of deployment

Deploy with ease via archives, FTPS/SFTP, GIT/SVN, or via integrated plugins.


One platform, all stacks.

Automated cloud hosting platform with support for all popular stacks. Simplify the management and support of applications and clusters thru automated installation, scaling, replication and updates.

250+ applications
15,000+ Docker templates
1-click installation


High-performance, auto-scaling Wordpress cluster optimized for high availability, uptime and performance.



Deploy scalable Kubernetes clusters for cloud-native applications. Install automatically and scale on a pay-per-use-model



Automated SQL and NoSQL database clustering with pre-configured scaling and replication parameters/conditions.



Explore pre-packaged clustering and load balancing setups for a wide choice of custom applications.

Easy start
Automatic scaling
Automated traffic distribution

Pay-per-use Pricing

Eliminate right-sizing problem and ensure cost efficiency by paying for actual consumption.


Real-time monitoring

Monitor application performance and receive real-time reports on resource consumption.


Set up custom alerts

Get notified about traffic spikes thru custom alerts to keep you updated on resource usage.


Scalable pricing, no fixed-plans.

Pay for actual usage, not server size. Our customers are able to save more then 80% off their infrastructure costs thru our hourly-billing an auto-scaling features.

Set scaling limits
Hourly billing
Real pay-per-use

All your favorite stacks in one platform




docker templates


click installation

Frequently asked questions

What is charged for PaaS pricing?

You only get charged for consumed resources. The costs are transparently charged between four (4) resources:

Cloudlets - a small compute unit that allows for great granularity while scaling. Each cloudlet is equal to 128Mb RAM and 400MHz CPU. Cloudlets an be consumed as reserved or dynamic.

NVMe Storage - the system only charges for what you use and are calculated hourly.

Public IP Address - can be purchased and used in a manner similar to our IaaS offering.

Data Transfer - while ingress remains free, outgoing data are charged but pricing is reduced to up to 30% as you consume more.

What are reserved and dynamic cloudlets?

Reserved Cloudlets - used to define the amount of resources you expect your application to consume and you pay for them irrespective of actual usage. Charged on a fixed price, discounts can go up to 30%.

Dynamic Cloudlets - defines the amount of resources your application can access based on the load. You pay for them only when actually used and discounts can go up to 15%.

How does PaaS pricing help me optimize costs?

The more Cloudlets you consume, the less you pay for each Cloudlet. You can choose your scalability limits in order to cap your spending and avoid bill shocks. You can combine reserved and dynamic Cloudlets or use them separately for different workloads.

E.g. : You can have a server with 8 reserved Cloudlets and set a maximum limit of 32 dynamic Cloudlets. In this case:

If you use 8 Cloudlets or less, you will only pay for 8 Cloudlets at the discounted rates for reserved Cloudlets.

If you use 24 Cloudlets, you will pay the reserved price per Cloudlet for 8 Cloudlets and the dynamic price per Cloudlet for the 12 Cloudlets.

The combination of the reserved and dynamic Cloudlets allows you to save up to 80% of your cloud hosting bill.

How do I increase my consumption?

Our automatic vertical and horizontal scaling allows for a live and granular resizing of the same container without the need for restart. On top of the cost savings due to zero waste of unwanted resources, this guarantees high performance and application uptime since the resizing causes no service disruption.

How do I decrease my consumption?

You can simply stop the environment when you don't need it running. In this case, you are not charged for Cloudlets and traffic but only for the NVMe and IP Address if you have purchased any.

global trust for a local cloud

Implement auto-scaling without the bill shock