Flexible, high-performance cloud servers locally hosted in the Philippines

Pure IaaS solution without restrictions

Spin-off cloud servers with the exact CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth your systems require. Subscribe for each resource on-demand or for long-term use, it's completely up to you.

Stay agile & scale-up on demand
Run your apps unmodified
Experience no vendor lock-in

Unbundled Pricing

Pay only for the exact CPU, RAM, and storage that you use. No hidden costs.


Unlimited Bandwidth

No bill shocks on bandwidth usage. Enjoy 100% free ingress and egress traffic.


Free 24/7 live support

Ask for help anytime of the day and get a response in less one (1) minute 90% of the time.


Create a server in less than 30 seconds

Quickly create a cloud server by specifying the exact resources you need, or by using template size via our user-friendly wizard.

Attach a drive
Specify the resources

User-friendly Web App

Never lose your way with our intuitive UI that's designed for easy resource management.


Direct Private Connection

Connect your on-premise infrastructure directly to our rack in Vitro Clark via local loop.


100% Service Level Agreement

Unlike other clouds, your investment is protected by our 100% SLA with up to 50x rebate.


Experience localized IaaS at its best


server creation


service level agreement


downtime rebate

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a credit card to create a free trial account?

No. You don't need a credit card to create a free trial account.

What is the minimum resource requirement to create an account?

None. But once you've decided to become a paying customer, the minimum top-up is $20.00

What currencies do you accept?

We accept PHP, USD, among other currencies. Even crypto! If you don't see your currency in the options, our customer support can add it for you.

What are the modes of payment you accept?

You can top-up your account using Credit Cards, Paypal, and OTC payment. We also accept postpaid arrangement via traditional invoicing.

I have a big deployment and I want to try the cloud based on a 1:1 size. Is that possible?

Absolutely! Drop us a message and we'd gladly assist you.

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