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Philippine's #1 In-Country Cloud

Empower your business with our unparalleled sovereign cloud, delivering ultimate flexibility, 100% SLA, and unmatched customer support.

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World-class cloud solutions at your fingertips


Spin-off a server in less than 30 seconds

Discover how easy it is to create a virtual machine in three (3) easy steps.


Protect yourself against data loss

Losing precious data could cost your business millions of dollars. Protect your organization against data loss by backing up your data in the cloud.


Enable elastic auto-scaling

Automatic horizontal and vertical auto-scaling for granular load-based resource allocation without container restart.


Ensure business contuinity

Set up your disaster recovery solution in the cloud by simply installing our agent in your machines and your good to go in no time.


In-Country Cloud

Data privacy & residency

Ensure that your data never leave the Philippines and comply with data privacy and residency laws.


Lowest latency in the Philippines

The closer your servers are to your Philippine-based customers, the better speeds you enjoy.


Expert local support team

Speak with Filipino cloud experts to help you with migration, deployment, and day-to-day operations.


Locally-hosted in the Philippines

Our cloud is securely hosted in Vitro Clark, Pampanga - the biggest Tier 3 data center facility outside Metro Manila. Our second data center is coming in Manila soon!

Our numbers speak for our unparalled service


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Join the hundreds of satisfied users

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Hear it from our customers

Cesar, DevOps engineer and CTO Cloud user for 1 year
Spinning-off new servers is quick and pricing is so straight-forward - so that's good for everyone in my team, including finance. Less stuff to think about other than building great products.
Lara, Product Owner and CTO Cloud user for 2 years
Our solution is built for the Philippine market so I love the fact that our customers enjoy the best speeds they can get having our systems hosted locally.

global trust for a local cloud

Experience the benefits of an in-country cloud