Disaster Recovery / Backup-as-a-Service

Mirror virtual or physical on-premise infrastructure to the cloud to achieve high resilience for your critical systems.

Easy to set up and operate

The disaster recovery and backup solution is deployed by installing a simple agent on any virtual or physical server you want to be covered by the solution

Install the agent on your server
Do the same in your cloud server
Start syncing

Flexible Deployment

Natively uses KVM but convertible to popular hypervisor formats like HyperV, VMWare, and VirtualBox.


Application Neutral

Highly-extendable and works with all Windows and Linux environments.


Excellent RPO and RTO

As low as 15-min. incremental sync and less than 2 minutes to bring up a failed server.


Direct Connection

Set up a cross connect between your physical environment directly to our racks in the cloud. This way your data syncs faster and does so privately.

Telco neutral
Sync securely
Completely private

Cold backup

Use the cloud as cold storage for all your critical data. Consider it as your last line of defense in case your primary and DR environments are both compromised.


Warm standby

Sync your systems to the cloud and run your instances only when you need them. Restore operations in minutes and you are back to business.


Hot standby

Create an exact replica of your physical or virtual production environment and transition users without disrupting operations.


Simplified utility billing

Simple, transparent, all-in-one utility billing based on compute/storage resources.

No upfront license fees
No bill shock
100% pay-as-you-go

Keep your business running in times of disasters


upfront license fees

15 mins

incremental sync

2 mins

restore time

Frequently asked questions

I have 1Tb of data to migrate. How long will it take?

It depends on the mode you choose to use. Sending data over the internet might take some time depending on the bandwidth size of your infra. Setting up a cross connect will speed up the process. For large amounts of data, we can also directly plug your storage devices into our infra for a much faster process.

What happens when data connection is lost while sending the incremental update?

Our syncing agent pauses, and resumes operation once connectivity is available once again.

Is it possible to have an RPO lower than 15 mins?

Not at this moment as most of our customers are fine with the current interval. But if you really need something lower, let's talk!

I want to sync data once a day only. Is that possible?

Absolutely. You can set your own sync timing.

How does the utility billing work?

We only charge you for the amount of data that you sync through the agent. No data synced, no pay. Just like your water bill.

global trust for a local cloud

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