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Transformation and Cloud Adoption

Colocation/Data Center - Cloud

Typical Data Center Deployment
What is Cloud Computing
Benefits of Cloud Computing
Choosing the right Cloud Service Provider

Cloud Computing Deployment Models

Edge Computing

Migration processes and DR

Migration tools & best practices
Disaster Recovery and Business continuity
DR location and distance
Active/Passive & Active/Active DR

Cloud Security and Networking


Choosing a secure vendor

Cloud Location (Data Privacy Acts)
Data center Certificate (Tier and security layers)
Cloud Certificates (Disclose our Certificates)

Account Securities & VM Security

Root Access
Two Factor Authentication
SSH Keys
Data Encryption
DDoS Protection Measures


Latency & Cloud Location
How to Access the cloud (over the internet)
Local Loop Set-up (Direct cross connect)
Redundancy (Networking)
Firewall Policies
Virtual router