Big Data

Visual Analytics

For your ever growing amount of data, CTO provides big data exploration, streaming data, and multisource analysis at speed and scale. The solution is powered by Zoomdata's data visualization platform, designed for big, real-time, and other modern data sources.

Enterprise Data Cloud

CTO offers the industry’s first enterprise data cloud via the Cloudera Data Platform - a powerful solution across hybrid and multi-cloud environments offering data warehouse, machine learning, data hub and other services for any data analytics, from the Edge to AI.

Case Study

Data Science at Netflix – A Must Read Case Study for Aspiring Data Scientists

Do you remember the last movie you watched on Netflix? I don’t want to know the name; just think about it- after watching the movie, were you recommended of similar movies? How does Netflix know what you’d like? The secret here is Data Science. Netflix uses Data Science to cater relevant and interesting recommendations to you. So, today, in this article, we will discuss the same. Let’s start exploring Data Science at Netflix with a basic introduction to Netflix.

Mar 09, 2020

How Big Data is helping Flipkart to achieve the Milestone?

Flipkart the World’s number one e-commerce platform is using analytics and algorithms to get better insights into its business during any type of sale or festival season. This article will explain you how the Flipkart is leveraging Big Data Platform for processing big data in streams and batches. This service-oriented architecture empowers user experience, optimizes logistics and improves product listings. It will give you an insight into how this ingenious big data platform is able to process such large amounts of data. Before starting, I recommend you to check this Big Data guide to better understand its core concepts.

Mar 09, 2020